Alexander Andrews is a student at SMU in Dallas, TX.
Hi, My name is Hunter Cheadle. I am 19 years old. I live in Plano, Texas.I spent my entire life seeing art as a part of myself ( if not an extension). I always believe that one can improve through application and motivation. That being said, I want to experience more mediums and experiment with them so I can make mixed media art.
Elle Christine is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA who studies in Dallas, TX. She typically works with acrylic painting on canvas and ink drawing, but she has recently become interested in digital and video editing software. She is currently an undergraduate student at SMU in Dallas, TX interested in achieving a major or minor in Art.
My name is Brenna Davison, I am 18 years old, and I am from Park City, Utah. Utah inspired me to become an artist because I would see landscapes that I thought were beautiful and I wanted that memory forever, in not just a picture form. I prefer to work with our paint and charcoal and create realism-based drawings and mountain and ocean landscapes.
My name is Alex Kapelina, and I am from Washington DC. I have been creating art seriously since around the sixth grade and my preferred medium is oil paint. I have self-studied AP studio art for two years, creating works around the themes of “Portraits of Influence” and “Brand Culture and Consumerism.” In addition to oil paint, I work a lot in acrylic, pencil (black and white), colored pencil, and ink.
Ayah Krisht is from Little Rock, Arkansas and currently studies as an undergraduate student at Southern Methodist University. She is a sophomore majoring in art and primarily focuses on drawing and painting. While she is also deeply interested in the psychology behind artwork, she is passionate about telling a story with each of her finished pieces.
Allison Lea is an art student at SMU in her freshman year. She is learning about photoshop and adobe illustrator.
Sarah Melgoza was born in Dallas Tx., she now lives in Fort Worth Tx. and currently goes to Southern Methodist University. She specializes in oil paint, ink/ pen and lightroom, she has a strong technical skill such as detail in her drawings and paintings. She makes conceptual abstract surreal pieces.
Thuy Phan is a student at SMU in Dallas, TX.
Jesus Ramirez likes to do both traditional and digital artwork and was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. The mediums I mostly use traditionally would be graphite and watercolor however, digitally I prefer photoshop to create. I preferably base my artwork around happy vibes but there can be a few artworks where I just express the idea of sadness or sorrow throughout my artwork. Mostly, I try to keep it positive. (Even though sad artworks I create come out 100x better)
Andreina Rodriguez is a student at SMU in Dallas, TX.
Shinwoo Song is a BFA student at SMU who lives in Dallas. He is interested in abstract painting. Oil is his main medium, but he also likes touching into like ceramic. He currently works for a Korean newspaper company as a part-time job.
Arielle Uygur is a student at SMU in Dallas, TX.
Crissy Williamson is from Dallas, Tx and is an upcoming artist studying at Southern Methodist University. She prefers working with colored pencils and paints but she is exploring digital media along with sculptural work. A majority of her work derives from challenges in her own life and her stories. Because of that, her work is incredibly unique and easy to connect to.

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